Pre Book Launch Blog III- A rude awakening! - Esosa Ikolo

Pre Book Launch Blog III- A rude awakening!

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Finpecia online prescription Tell me what is going on I asked the female doctor who came to attend to me after I ended up in hospital due to my state. Well… your spine is fractured in multiple places she said! No way was the reply I think I must have said. Yes way, she seemed to say and this was the beginning of weeks and months of gross pain, sadness, despair and the separation from my two-weeks-old baby. How could they not let me live with my baby in hospital? They must be cruel. The system is poor– but this was life!

here I spent weeks in hospital, away from my baby because my spine had collapsed and yet the cause had not been picked up all the while I was pregnant. Why? Was it because the symptoms of the disease mimicked pregnancy or it was an outright inattentiveness by my doctor? It was really too late to ask these questions as all I wanted to know was how soon I’d get back to see my son but this was unlikely to be soon, I soon gathered!

cheapest place to buy proscar I brought out my post pregnancy diary and began to capture my thoughts and my questions which included: no, I needed answers and yes, I was angry with God! Why shouldn’t I be? I blamed him for everything– did He not see this coming and so could have stopped it? Why would he let my poor innocent baby live his first few months on earth without the presence of his mother?

Weeks later, the diagnosis of the cause of my illness came to light and kind of became clear to me why my doctors might have missed it. Not only were the symptoms similar to common ailments, it is commonly known to live in particular sites within the body!

To be continued…


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