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Not My Spine

follow site Not my Spine is a compelling, brave and true story about Esosa’s experience during the pregnancy of her first child, and also after the birth. It describes a mysterious illness which she began to suffer from a long time before she was pregnant, her ignorance about it, and the extent of damage it brought to her. It is an account of the aftermath of the lack of knowledge and inattentiveness by Esosa’s doctors who embraced the symptoms of this illness as those induced by pregnancy.

Faced with the very real possibility of permanent paralysis, she fought to recover her lost determination and hope, in order to live the life she had always dreamed.

Her courage to share what she suffered from as a result of this ordeal is gripping and unravels so much information for everyone. This insightful book is a must read for everyone living in every part of the world who cares to know about a disease which can lurk unsuspected for several years.


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