Look beyond the Strawberries. - Esosa Ikolo

Look beyond the Strawberries.

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http://cottonwoodsteakhouse.com/2017/06/21/ For some time I had been thinking of taking the kids to a farm to hand pick fresh strawberries. I finally got around doing so about three weeks ago and it was an epic experience!

source url Getting there, we hurriedly grabbed our baskets and off we went to the greenhouse area.
Being my first time, I really did not know what to expect but was simply overwhelmed by the sight of rows and rows of strawberries growing out of hanging pots.

follow As I looked to pick ripe strawberries, I noticed there were only a few and wondered if the information I’d been given over the phone by the farm staff about the end of May being the season to harvest strawberries was right. But alas it was for most of the ripe fruits were beneath the large green leaves and to see them them, we had to open up the leaves and look beneath.

The kids and I were ecstatic as we discovered this trick about picking these strawberries and before we knew it, our individual baskets were full and pouring!

This experience left me pondering how we react to things the first time we see they don’t go as planned. Do we get discouraged about them and lose hope? Or do we exercise some patience, take a step back to rethink things with the hope that we may see it differently and in the processs, have a better outcome?

Had I not been patient to quickly figure out how to source for the fruits (especially as we were not told anything prior to nor were we accompanied by a farm staff), I and the kids would have left that place feeling grumpy and disappointed to say the least. Instead we left there covered in mud and lots of fat red juicy strawberries.

Same could be said about our inherent abilities as sometimes what it takes to be who we are called to be is an inward examination which we and others, tend to not do often. Some of us tend to focus alone on what we don’t seem to have leaving us feeling sad and inadequate. Perhaps things could pan out differently if we stopped to think about that which we have or challenge ourselves to see it differently as it could well be worth more than we imagined!


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