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The ‘L’ sticker can change

Posted · Add Comment “Why do you always overtake learner drivers,” my son asked me last week as I drove him to school. I pretended not to hear him and he asked again and this time said, “You were once a learner too.”

buy Dilantin While that statement came unexpected as I did’nt think he’d notice such, I was shamefaced to say the least. I do get quite impatient when I see learner drivers understandably taking their time on the road but: is this the right attitude and how does such behaviour make the drivers feel? This singular event resonated in my mind for a while making me wonder how often we knowingly and unknowingly treat people thus in different guises.

I thought of different possible scenarios where we might have grown so impatient with people depicting zero tolerance just because they are not where we expect them to be or who we’d like them to be. As a result, we either ‘diss’ them or see them as ‘lost cases’ expecting no good from them.

Truth is that we all are at different levels on our individual journies in life be it with our career, business, personal life matters or what have you. While it may not have taken you a lot to arrive at a desired destination, another may still be trying to figure out where he or she is in life. And if so, trust me when I say to be looked down or talked down at is the last thing they need.

I have heard one too many stories of people who started out tough and dry but with some help and encouragement they became beautiful butterflies soaring high. Some know they have a problem and seek for help albeit they look in the wrong places and people while others even more unfortunately, don’t yet realise they have a problem and so don’t seek for help.

Most often that not, what people need is no more than a nice reassuring smile or simply, a helping hand. The main difference between that learner driver and I who have been driving for some years, is determination and time.

So, instead of sneering, jeering and dismissing people through our spoken and unspoken words, let us consider becoming a ‘people helper’ and ‘needs hunter’ remembering that the ‘L’ sticker we see today on that car will one day change to a ‘P’ one!


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