Goal: the first two letters are ‘go’

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I woke up this morning to an interesting piece about a man called Lester Wunderman.
Lester was fired from his advertising job but felt he still had a lot to learn from the head of the agency, Max Sackheim (the man who revolutionized 20th Century Advertising), so the next morning he went back to his office and continued working as he always had, talking to co-workers and clients, and sitting in on meetings – all without pay.
Sackheim ignored him for a month and finally, he walked up to Wunderman and said, ‘Okay, you win. I never saw a man who wanted a job more than he wanted money.’ Wunderman went on to be one of the most successful advertising men of the century and is widely considered to be the creator of modern day direct advertising.
This inspired me in different ways causing me to recall a similar experience.
As a graduate engineer back at home, I worked among several experienced engineers and knew I had a lot to learn in order to be relevant in my field. One of the things I desired was to be proficient in a design software. Luckily I heard there was a training course planned and so rejoiced thinking, ‘yes, finally!’
With this piece of information, I went to my manager and expressed my interest. And it was then I was made aware that unfortunately, the course was not being rolled out to graduate engineers. I was crest fallen to say the least! How could this be? I pleaded with him to let me join the class but he refused.
Days prior to the start of the course, my same manager summoned me into his office and asked if I’d like to help serve coffee to the course delegates at break time. I couldn’t believe my ears initially and asked for clarity. He repeated himself and then I knew I heard him right.
How humiliating this was, I thought! Had he suddenly lost his mind or memory? Did he think that ‘AutoCAD’ sounded similar to coffee?What exactly was I hearing? All of these roamed my mind as I tried to figure out a most suitable response.

Luckily he spoke first and said, ‘ Esosa, I understand this is the last thing you expect to hear but I have thought of the best way to help you and this is my best shot. I figured out that suggesting that a junior engineer joins in the training would kick off some dust so I came up with this idea that if you serve them coffee, you might be allowed to sit in the class and learn with them.

And serve coffee I did and that was how the story changed!

My question for you this morning is: how willing are you to do what it takes to achieve your dream? Do you think that your dream will happen so long as you simply dream it or you instead are in the school of thought that believes in acting on your dreams?

Imagine if Wunderman had conceded after having the sack?Imagine if he accepted that to be the last of his advertising career and did not fight for what he believed in and so wanted?

For those who follow my posts and know me, you will know how passionate I am about having a dream or a vision for oneself. The truth is that ‘dreaming is not enough’. What good is a dream if we warm it up by sitting on it?

You cannot only dream of great things but actually need to go out and do them. “You will never be who you ought to be until you are doing what you ought to be doing.” Afterall the first two letters in the word goal are go!

So, the word for you today is Go!


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