Frequently Asked Questions …

buying cytotec with no rx Q:What are the B.E.S.T and B.E.E.P-TB campaigns about?
A: Be Enlightened about Spinal TB and Be Enlightened about Extra Pulmonary TB are two campaigns I set up in July 2015, which aim at educating the masses about TB variants, i.e. Spinal TB which I suffered from in 2008. For more information, please click on the Campaigns Tab on this site.

neurontin 300 mgs Q: How can anyone support or contact you for more about your campaigns?
A: Kindly complete my Contact Form

erythromycin zinc acetate lotion buy Q: Where do you get your strength and passion from?

A: Being able to do what I do is simply grace from above. I am driven to do what I do because it makes me happy and fulfilled. I believe that where there is passion, determination and results will be present.

Q: Aside writing what else do you do?

A: I also deliver motivational talks on various subjects (e.g. self belief, dreaming and holding on to it, rising above challenges) to organisation and groups of all sizes.

Q: How are you able to juggle what you do and your full time job?

A: It is a ‘big’ challenge combining my 9-5 job with being a mum and every other thing. I am grateful for my passion which drives me but I also try to manage them all by striking a balance.

Q: How long did it take you to write your first book, Not my Spine?

A: From when I put the first words to paper to when my completed manuscript got sent to my publisher, it took me about six and half months.

Q: Why did you choose to write your story now than earlier?

A: Although I did not think about writing about my ordeal from the very beginning, looking back, I could not have been able to write sooner because I was still quite sore and emotional about my experience and so was not in the best of places. I am really glad I chose to write it as I sure can attest to the many benefits it brings to its readers.

Click here for my book page to read feedbacks

Q: Did you feel embarrassed telling your story?

A: Not anymore. I am happy that I overcame the odds to not write and instead had a resolve to tell my story as I believe it will help someone out there.

Q: What advice do you have for first time writers?

A: Please never say I can’t! I do not have a writing qualification but wanted to write from a relatively young age. In December 2014, I chatted with a friend who wrote her own first book about a year or two ago. After I told her of my desire to write a book ‘someday’, she told me that she did not think she had it in her to write but that she simply had a conviction to and that was how she started. Her message to me that day was ‘just start’ and this is my same message to new or aspiring writers. Do not worry about it not making sense but if you think you have something worth writing, just pour out your words in any way you can (be it with use of a pc, mobile phone, scrap paper) and as you do, content will develop and your skills will get honed. In no time, it will begin to come together.

Another thing is to know the genre you’ll like to write about and do a ‘lot’ of research into it. Read similar books written by others, sign up to different online writing articles and literatures which contain tips on wiritng in general and that particular type of writing. In my case, I wanted to write a memoir and so purchased different memoirs and as I wanted to learn from the known best, I purchased a few best selling memoirs too. In reading these, I studied their style, structure, voice etc.

One other important thing I did was to enrol for an online writing course. My lecture notes were emailed to me weekly and I couldn’t do justice by explaining the ‘wealth’ of information I gained from the eight weeks course which I learnt a lot from as I began writing my first book.

When I started writing my book, I had no clue about how to publish it but carried on writing. Along the way, I began to think of this and even went as far as setting a date for the launch. With this, I worked backwards and read up about how to and what to look out for when you need to publish your book. It was the first time I read about ‘self publishing’ – which is a different but ‘equally good’ route from the traditional publishing.

Q: Have you got other books?

A: No. I am currently writing my second book and as soon as it is finished I will tell more about it so watch the space!

Q: How can we get you to come talk to us about what you do e.g. your books and speaking engagements?

A: For speaking engagements, kindly complete my Contact Form

and someone will be in touch.

Q: How can I get a personalized and/​or signed copy of your book(s)?

A: Complete the same contact form stating your request and you will be contacted with more details.

Q: When is your next event?

A: For an itinerary of my events, please see ‘Appearance and Events’ page at the top.

Q: How can I get you to come speak to a group of us?

A: For all speaking engagement, kindly complete my Contact Form

and someone will be in touch.