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Why You also have the X-factor

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source site It’s another season of the UK version of the X-factor and as I and my family who I must confess are ardent viewers, were watching tonight, I recall a regular thought. I see how some of the contestants(young and old) give it their all like it’s now or never; a few times I’ve heard some […]

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Be Prepared

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Just the other day I was chatting with a friend on the phone and while I can’t recall what it was that we were saying, I used one of my favorite maxims: Be Prepared. Immediately, my son who only recently took his Scout-Beavers promise rather assertively said, “that’s our motto!”Later on this made me pause […] dream big

What are YOU up to?

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We all need to be up to something, to have an ambition-a dream. We should never be without an ambition and no matter how little, just have one! It may seem rubbish but yet it is an ambition. It may very well be out of your reach but yet it is your ambition. You may not know much […]


What have you done with your dreams?

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The other day I was thinking about dreams I had since I was much younger and noted how many of them I have actually achieved. As I pondered, I felt that I needed to achieve the unaccomplished ones asap as I felt that my biological clock is ticking!  In doing so, I also got reminded that […]


Being at your Best

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With puffy eyes, she looks round as if in search of one that can identify with her situation-but there is none. On a regular basis she runs into the toilet at work to shed some tears and psyche herself for the day’s challenge. “Who am I?” She asks herself and “who do I really want […]