About Me

http://sophiatara.com/2016/08/nvc-nz-the-spiritual-basis-of-nonviolent-communication/ Esosa is the self published author of her first book titled Not my Spine. Although she studied civil engineering, she has always from a young age, wanted to write books. As a result she’s looked forward to the time when she’d be able to put words on paper and having undergone major medical illness years ago and have now come to terms with it, Esosa felt this painful experience was a good story to write about, thus bring her writing dreams to life.

http://shandycreative.com/Default.aspx?tabid=4842 sosa-ikolo-com-portrait-about-esosa Since this time, Esosa’s love for writing has evolved and she now writes articles for her own blog Sosa’s Blog , a number of online magazines and websites including Woman.ng.
Just like writing, from a young age, Esosa also developed a fondness for public speaking and also the media and she has been involved in a few TV and radio productions.

go site As part of her outgoing personality and love for developing people, Esosa sees herself as the Voice of the Voiceless.This has made her take to public speaking where she delivers motivational and transformational talks to various groups of people including primary, secondary and university students. She is a mentor and hosts various events.

She is currently writing her second book. She enjoys singing and acting and her pastime is collecting remarkable quotes.

Esosa is the founder of Be Enlightened about Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis (B.E.E.P-TB) which is a campaign aimed at spreading more awareness about TB and its variants such as Spinal TB. Her main objective is to see people learn about this disease and be aware about the extent of damage it brings, and what symptoms to look out for at its early stage in order that lives will be spared.

Currently working as a project manager, Esosa resides in England with her husband and their two young boys of valour.