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    “When you go all out to embrace the uncomfortable you will become unstoppable.”


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    Hey there! This site is dedicated to bringing you real stories and peculiar life’s lessons that will change and reshape your thinking regardless of where you are at and where you have been. To live life at its fullest is a gift made available to ‘everyone’ regardless of background, race or circumstance; likewise, time and chance happen to us all and in order to make the most of this ‘gift’, there is need to understand what needs to be done, how it should be done, and when it should be done.

    As a young girl, I had several dreams and aspirations which became part and parcel of me. I was even nicknamed ‘the dreamer’ and growing into adulthood I continued to dream and started to experience some of these dreams become reality while a few remained same for a very long time. Regardless, I was determined never to lose sight of my dreams for they were my treasure! I held on to them so dearly that I decided to write them down so as not to forget them and every so often, I would read and regurgitate them making them alive in my heart. In no time, it seemed like my dreams became me and I became my dreams.

    I began to see that most of what I did, decisions I made were tailored around the dreams I’d had, most of which seemed bigger than me but I simply was not deterred by the bigness. Instead in my ‘book of dreams’, I mapped out what I could do to achieve them, who to connect with, and what additional information I needed in order to live my dreams. I also began to realise that because these dreams felt very much part of me, nothing seemed unachievable to me, I saw challenges as stepping stones and even when I was faced with sad situations, I refused to be weighed down by them but recalled those dreams I had and they gave me the impetus to forge on.

    Looking back, I now realise how much of me today, mirrors those innocent but yet potent dreams I had yesterday. Having made mistakes and not claiming to be perfect, I hope that you will let me hold your hands as we embark on a journey ‘together’ and help you get to grips with some golden nuggets I have picked up as a result of my own experiences and also from knowledge gained along the way, which will empower and push you to dream see , dream clonidine patch cost again and live life, to its fullest!


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